Pack A Star - Make your child lunchbox healthier

When it comes to preparing a lunchbox for your child, breaking away from the monotonous “Fried rice with egg” routine can be quite challenging. Balancing your child’s preferences with the need for a well-rounded meal can be demanding. Moreover, the time constraints of busy mornings can make it tough to come up with creative and appealing lunch options. Still, nutritious meals are important for your child's development more so after the covid-19 pandemic.

A healthy lunch box contributes to about one-third of their daily nutrients and supplies all the energy necessary for them to have an energetic and busy day. It’s also important to recognise that children thrive on diversity. By incorporating fresh and different items into their lunchboxes on a regular basis, you can effectively pique and sustain their interest in their midday meals.

Now, here are several pointers to create a nutritious lunchbox. Firstly, prioritize a variety of food from each of the 5 food groups. When putting together your lunchbox, try to allocate half of it for colourful fruits or vegetables (aim for two to three kinds), reserve one-quarter for whole grains, and use the last quarter for nutritious proteins. Adding in healthy fats and a bit of dairy (if your child is able to tolerate it) creates a satisfying meal that fuels their active lifestyle. Remember to always keep fresh food items in your fridge instead of instant food. Instant food tends to be either high in sugar or salt which doesn’t provide the necessary nutrients and can be a major contributing factor to poor health. Additionally, incorporating wholesome snacks to round out their meal could be a favourable choice. Rather than permitting your child to indulge in "keropok" or ice cream after meals, it’s time for a healthier alternative that not only tantalizes their taste buds but also fuels their growth - Appeton Multivitamins Pastilles.

Appeton Multivitamins Pastilles comes in four delightful fruity flavours and is packed with essential vitamins - A, B1, B2, B6, C, D3, and Folic acid composed to fortify your child's daily vitality.

Vitamin Bs help the body to transform carbohydrates, fats and proteins into energy and keep your child focused and buzzing1. Children need folic acid from before birth through their early development and all the way into adulthood2; as their little body is busy through the day, folic acid steps in as the architect of cell growth and red blood cell formation which keeps their oxygen and energy level sufficient. But that’s not all, Vitamin A and Vitamin D3 ensure our child has good eyesight and healthy growth of bones and teeth3, respectively.

Worry not, unlike other snacks or candies that are heavily coated with sugar, Appeton Multivitamins Pastilles are non-sugar coated which protects your child from tooth decay.

Picture this: The once mundane midday meal now beckons with the promise of a flavourful rendezvous. Try it once, as Appeton Multivitamins Pastilles step into the limelight, and see how your child will look forward to every lunchbox that you will make!



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