How 6 weeks can change your life

Neural tube defects (NTDs) are birth defects of the brain, spine or spinal cord. They leave a devastating impact on families because they result in stillborn babies, babies born with brain damage or permanent paralysis of their legs.1

NTDs occur in babies during the first few weeks of pregnancy, at a time when most women do not realise they are pregnant.2 However, a woman can reduce her baby’s risk if she consumes folic acid daily prior to conception and during pregnancy.3

Experts recommend taking 400mcg of folic acid daily.4,5 Too little and you may not get sufficient folic acid, too much and you risk masking other nutrient deficiencies.6

So, start yourself on Appeton Essentials Folic Acid today- 400mcg daily for at least 6 weeks before planning to conceive.6,7

Never has so little made so much difference.

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