Nucleotide-fortified Formula - Transition to Boost Children Immunity

All mothers want the best for their child, especially nutritionally so that their child can grow healthy from the moment they were born. Transitioning from breast milk to formula milk can be worrying for most mothers as they are not sure that the formula milk will even come close to matching the health benefits of breast milk for their child.

True enough, human breast milk is considered as the gold standard for children nutrition. Therefore, research has focused on ingredients that would allow growing up formulas to more closely resemble the performance of human milk. Nucleotides is one of these ingredients. It is one of the immunomodulating factors found in human milk. They serve as building blocks of DNA and RNA for cells in the body, including important immune system cells.1

Nucleotides present in human milk are believed to be important for the development of immune function as well as the growth and maturation of the gastrointestinal tract. It has also been found to help children’s bodies make more of special kinds of immune cells that are used to fight viruses.2 A research trial of a nutrient formula containing nucleotides has demonstrated a 25% reduction in the incidence of diarrhea episodes caused by gut infections.3

Many mothers breastfeed longer than average, even after 1 years old just because they believe it provides sufficient nourishment for their child. Infants fed with breast milk are estimated to receive 1.4 – 2.1mg of nucleotides per day3 and the amount may vary at certain times due to many reason including the mother’s diet. Children during rapid growth period may require a higher nucleotide and breastmilk may not be able to keep up with the demand.

Appeton Appekidz provides the solution to all anxious mothers out there. It is one of the few growing up milk in the market which contains nucleotides. With 5.9mg of nucleotides per serving which is almost 3x higher than breast milk, it helps to strengthen the immune function of growing up children.

100% imported from France, Appekidz offers the highest quality milk from Europe. With IMMU system, it contains DHA, choline & taurine to facilitate the development of the children’s cognitive skills and intellectual growth, nucleotides for immune support and a blend of FOS & GOS for gut health. Not to worry, Appekidz is also sucrose-free which means it does not contains unnecessary artificial sugar and has a natural taste similar to breastmilk to ease the transitioning process.

Switch to Appekidz now and give them the extra immunity boost with nucleotides. Avoid the hassle for step up milk, Appekidz is suitable for children aged 1 to 12 years old, with just one step for all ages!

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