There's More to Height Than Just Our Genes

Our heights have a lot to do with genetic and environment. In general, 80% of height is influenced by genetics.1 Your DNA determines your maximum potential height, while 20% environmental factors determine whether you reach this maximum or not.2 Here are some of the environmental factors that you can do something about to reach your maximum height potential.

Proper sleep patterns determine the body’s growth by aiding proper growth hormone secretion. It is also only when we sleep that the body regenerates its tissues for growth and repair. 3 It is necessary to get eight to ten hours of sleep every day especially during growing teenage years. So put your phone away and get a restful sleep to grow taller.

Exercise plays a very important role in height attainment. 3 Exercises help stretch out the limbs and body tissues. Height-increasing exercises for teenagers is the best way to adopt, such as skipping or climbing. If you are not into exercise, try yoga instead. Yoga is known to release the tension and stress in our body which is one of the factor that stunt the body growth. Yoga also has stretching exercises which stretch the muscles and improve posture.

The most important environment factor for final height attainment is nutrient. Minerals, in particular calcium, magnesium, zinc and copper will influence height. Hence, taking these minerals sufficiently during teenage years is important. While these minerals helps strengthen the bones, additional vitamin D is also important to help absorb the calcium.4

Appeton Essentials Teengrow is specially formulated with 18 multivitamins and minerals. It has all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the development of healthy bone and achieve maximum height during adolescence. The formula also comes with B complex which provides energy that are essential during teenage growth.

Although an individual’s height mostly depends on their genetics, environmental factor can play a significant role in helping you grow a few inches. Try Appeton Essentials Teengrow together with some lifestyle changes during teenage years so that you will not miss this golden growth opportunity.

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