Ectomorph - Gaining weight is not impossible

As most of the time we heard people are asking how to reduce weight, but there are many lean people in this world who genuinely wants to add some extra pounds of weight to their body, for example, people with ectomorph body type.

Ectomorph refers to a human somatotype (physical type) tending toward linearity, as determined by the physique-classification system developed in the 1940s by American psychologist W.H. Sheldon.1

Ectomorphs may have a slim body. But this does not always imply that they have a healthy body fat and muscle percentage. People with an ectomorph body type can find it difficult to add muscle or even increase body fat, however it is not impossible.

The three keys to gaining weight for ectomorph are: emphasize calorie-dense foods, supplement with high protein, and prioritize weight-training routine.2

When it comes to diet, ectomorphs who want to gain weight, should include nutrient and calorie dense foods for meals and snacks, such as rice, whole eggs, avocados and almonds.

Taking sufficient amount of protein on a daily basis is very important to help build your muscle and gain weight.3 If you don’t crave protein or find that high-protein meals fill you up, alternatively, you can take high protein milk supplement such as Appeton Weight Gain. It is a high protein formula which is clinically proven to increase weight healthily.4

Even for gaining weight, you need to exercise for good health. This is because people who need to gain weight need to put on lean muscle. Gaining muscles can lead to a gain in body weight. Physical exercises like push-ups, weight lifting will help to increase muscle mass in your body.

The key to a successful weight gain is consistent. Start slow and be consistent. Add Appeton Weight Gain in your weight gain journey and you will start to see result and gain weight in no time!

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